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    Beautiful things EPISODE 4 Empty Beautiful things EPISODE 4

    Post by kingsonia on 20th October 2017, 4:04 pm

    I got home ran passed my
    dad who just stared
    like hey whats wrong with
    that kid.
    My dad a medical
    who spent most of his time
    on road trips,
    while mum was an event
    planner, other than
    that she
    was always invited to talk
    shows like
    relationships, parents and
    kids issues in
    general while my big
    sis…. Kourtney studies law in
    college and then
    ofcourse me.
    Honey whats wrong with
    that kid he just ran
    passed me into his room
    without a word.
    Mum: uhmm keith have
    been trying to tell you
    but you’ve been a little busy
    Ever since he started high
    school he’s been
    acting all weird plus he’s
    never gotten good
    grade i think he needs a
    father and son chat.
    Dad: Annie am gonna try but
    you know that
    kid has never taken my
    advice seriously i
    think kourtney could be of
    Mum: alright then am calling
    her right away.
    I remained locked up in my
    room for that day,
    who cares about food this
    time have had just
    enough of those bullies, i
    just couldnt take it
    anymore, those were the
    last word i thought of
    before sleeping.
    I was awaken by the
    constant banging on my
    door, hmmm i guess this
    person doesnt want
    to give up. I stood up
    groaning like i
    was having the worst
    hangover of my life, i
    dragged my self to the door
    with blurry eyes.
    KOURTNEY!!!! I yelled abit
    seeing my big sis
    standing at my door with
    her ever pretty smile,
    just then i fell into her arms
    and that was the
    last thing i remembered.
    She held him in her arms as
    she called out for
    her parent, who rushed
    upstairs, while dad
    bundled me into his car.
    I woke again seeing a really
    bright fluorescent
    lights, so bright that i kept
    trying to see for
    sometime but my eyes were
    hurting and
    blurry, finally i could make
    out images of my
    sis and images of a few
    individuals in white
    until it dawned on me i was
    at the hospital.

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