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    Beautiful things by Desire EPISODE 2


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    Beautiful things by Desire EPISODE 2

    Post by kingsonia on 20th October 2017, 3:55 pm

    Finally got to school in such
    a hurry
    Oh….my God not again i
    forgot my lens again!
    **** the doctor was clear
    when he said you
    want to see clearly, you’d be
    needing those
    I thought to my self, things
    cant get any be
    worst than it already is can
    Before i forget am a high
    school finalist. I got
    to my class, shocked to see
    mrs Queen our
    English tutor already in class.
    thought of going back
    home, wouldn’t want to
    start my day with troubles
    but there’s this part
    of me that refused to back
    “wheeew” like a wind i
    almost flew in when
    she turned yelling my name
    Desire!!!!! What
    the hell
    do you think your doing???
    Omg!! I frozed as i watch
    my own heart sink.
    This time all attention was
    on me, i could only
    wish i had shells to crawl
    into. Mrs Queen in
    her ever harsh tune
    congratulation boy you
    just doubled your
    punishment, now go back
    your sit your gonna get
    what you
    deserve right after my class.
    To say i was
    scared would be total
    Every single kid kept
    laughing like they just
    witness a real life hilarious
    as usual, i guess am already
    used to this
    embarrassment, i heard
    people call names like
    nerd, douchbag etc, all the
    time. But those
    ain’t new to me because i
    was beginning to
    think it was normal for me.
    Finally the she devil finished
    teaching and was ready to
    sentence me to
    maybe 100years of shame
    or a thousand? Just
    couldnt get any worst.

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