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    Beautiful things EPISODE 5 Empty Beautiful things EPISODE 5

    Post by kingsonia on 20th October 2017, 4:08 pm

    Finally i could see abit
    clearly, although still
    blurry cos i wasnt having my
    lenses on.
    Kourtney!! I thought
    excitedly as i tried sitting
    up but my head ached so
    bad i couldnt help
    but scream.
    Which caught her attention.
    Dee your awake!
    Just relax ok am right here.
    That was when
    i realised i was on drip, i
    really wanted to hug
    her and cry over her
    shoulder, but right now
    all i
    could do was let out a
    painful smile.
    i just came back from school
    early this
    morning after dad called last
    night with a tone
    that seems like theres an
    emergency. I
    got home walked straight to
    room, i smiled to myself
    with the
    thought of how happy he’s
    gonna be on seeing
    me. I knew he missed me
    alot like i did to,
    then he passed out in my
    And now here’s my dee
    looking very fragile,
    whatever happened he
    must has been hurt so
    bad i really cant stand
    seeing him hurt she
    finally let out. I know its
    kinda hard but you
    have to get better.
    I saw a drop of tears from
    her right eye and all
    i did was nod.
    ******MY PARENTS*******
    DOCTOR: I suppose you are
    mr and mrs lance,
    well there’s actually nothing
    physical wrong
    with your son
    MUM: *smiling* i guess my
    boy is perfectly
    DOCTOR: Actually from our
    diagnoses your
    son is suffering a very high
    level of emotional
    stress issues if not attended
    to can result into
    a psychotic
    break down.
    DAD: What!!!
    DOCTOR: Yes he’s body
    system just couldnt
    take it any longer, it shuts
    down, which
    resulted to fainting and the
    coma state he’s in.
    Not to worry he’d be alright
    but then he has to
    be kept away from being
    worried about the
    past, and if he could be
    happy for atleast
    3months, that way whatever
    form of emotional
    stress he’s going through,
    would have reduced

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