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    Daughter of a beggar Empty Daughter of a beggar

    Post by kingsonia on 21st October 2017, 2:01 pm

    Daughter of a beggar
    Episode 1
    I just want to post my short
    story Daughter of a Beggar
    (unedited) for your pleasure.
    Daughter of a Beggar
    A romantic short story on a
    love affair between a
    Nigerian bus stop tout and
    an Arab street girl beggar in
    the city of Lagos seven years
    ago. The events in this story
    happened in 1998, in the
    city of Lagos in Nigeria.
    The sun is going westward.
    The climate is calm.
    Peripatetic Hadiyat is with
    her family in the midst of
    the other families of
    itinerant Arab street
    beggars under the flyover in
    front of the National
    Stadium in Lagos. There are
    several yellow minibuses
    and some motorbikes used
    for public transportation at
    the bus stop with the
    drivers, conductors and the
    menacing touts disliked by
    everybody, except
    themselves and their
    employers. And they are
    there, because of the
    numerous commuters that
    cannot avoid coming to the
    bus stop, because it is a
    central place for public
    transport. There are so
    many commuters thronging
    the bus stop by the main
    gate of the stadium. Some of
    the commuters are sports
    enthusiasts who come to
    practice their respective
    sports at the stadium, white
    collar and blue-collar
    workers and traders. Many
    of the petty traders have
    found enough space under
    the flyover to sell their
    goods. These commuters
    are the targets of these Arab
    beggars and looking at their
    cheerful faces, they seem to
    be happy with the
    commuters who have been
    kind and generous to them.
    As one can see the beggars
    accosting the commuters at
    the bus stop, those inside
    the buses and those outside
    the buses and also going to
    accost the people in cars
    and other vehicles on the
    road as they slow down on
    getting to the bus stop or as
    the traffic wardens stop
    them at the junction of the
    stadium. They all make a
    colourful scene.

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